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Fitzgerald Nissan Chambersburg

Addon/Markup Notes: Outlined on Fitzgerald Toyota/Nissan Chambersburg that they don’t do market adjustments or hidden fees. Also have email from Sales Rep confirming this.  NOTE: Inquiry was regarding 2023 Nissan Z, but was not able to select that as option because car is not yet out. 

Publish Date: 04-18-22

Koons Westminster Toyota

Addon/Markup Notes: Went to Koons Toyota Westminster mid-February to test drive base GR86. Myself and person accompanying me both observed sticker in top corner of windshield on passenger side displaying “ADM: $5,000.00.” The sticker was very small, likely so it was not as noticeable. Koons confirmed markup again in late March by emailing me regarding a Premium manual 86 selling for $37,496. Confirmed on phone with Sales Rep that this car was marked up $5,000  When recently asked to sell at MSRP due to several positive factors including large down payment and possible trade-in, response received from Koons sales management was that “based on the current market”, Koons would prefer to hold onto the car to “see how much they can get for it.”

Publish Date: 04-08-22

Sheehy Mazda

Addon/Markup Notes: During email exchange in April 2022 with Sheehy Mazda in Hagerstown, MD in regards to Mazda Miata Club, questions were posed to a Sheehy contact regarding Build-to-Order ETA, and whether or not Sheehy charged “market adjustments” or “demand surcharges” above MSRP.  Received reply from Sheehy sales manager. In regards to the question on markups, her response was: “We are not marking our vehicles up at all.  They are strictly MSRP.”

Publish Date: 04-08-22

DARCARS Toyota of Frederick

Addon/Markup Notes: While discussing interest in a GR86 for nearly 2 months leading into December 2021/January 2022, at no point did DARCARS Toyota of Frederick mention that they charge a $2,995 “market adjustment” on all non-SUV vehicles. This was only mentioned at the point the model was making its way there. This was despite several mentions of my unwillingness to entertain exorbitant markups between October and December.  Images included: One is the spec/build of the car mentioned with a $29,297 MSRP. The other is part of the write-up, outlining a “Sale Price” of $32,292 before taxes, processing, etc. After the car, taxes, processing, etc., a sub-$30K vehicle was priced to nearly $36,000. 

Publish Date: 04-07-22