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Description: From: Temecula Valley Toyota Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2022 3:29 PM To:  Subject: RE: RE: RE: Your Highlander Inquiry As you may already know, The market on this vehicle is all over the place and some dealerships are marking it up to $10k over the MSRP. We do not markup our vehicles, However we do add a protection package. Our dealership adds the following to all of our new vehicles: PERMA PLATE APPEARANCE PACKAGE  with WINDSHIELD PROTECTION ($2,995) KARR SECURITY SYSTEM ($1,995) TOTAL RETAIL PRICE =$4,990 PERMA PLATE is a protection treatment applied on both interior (Leatherguard and Fiberguard) and exterior (Paintguard) by our detailers, and comes with Windshield protection. It comes with a SEVEN-year warranty against a variety of issues that could affect your new vehicles' appearance. Paintguard protects the vehicle's painted surfaces from (1) Sun's UV rays which cause oxidation and loss of "shine" (i.e., fading) (2) effects of salt air, (3) hard water from sprinklers, (4) bird droppings, (5) tree sap, and more Fiberguard protects carpet and upholstery by preventing stains from spills, allowing quick cleanup, etc., by bonding with individual fibers. Leatherguard is formulated to prevent/inhibit (1) drying and loss of softness/suppleness, (2) fading, discoloration, cracking, staining, and premature aging. During the SEVEN-year warranty, PERMA PLATE will repair or replace the damaged area at no cost to you (including rips, tears, and burns). WINDSHIELD PROTECTION will repair or replace your windshield in the event it is chipped or cracked. KARR SECURITY SYSTEM comes with a “cost replacement guarantee”. Includes: A Vehicle Immobilizer, Two Stage Shock Sensor, Audible Status Confrmation, Flashing Parking Lights, LED Status Indicator, Valet Mode, and Theft Deterrent Window Decals. Vehicle Replacement Guarantee - If the vehicle is stolen within five years of purchase, you can file a claim and get a check for the difference between what the insurance company pays you and the MSRP of a new one (not including tax, license and fees ).....for UP TO $20,000.00 And, the KARR’s flashing LED light warns potential thieves that the vehicle is "armed".  Thieves see the light and will usually move on to an easier target. And, it includes a DUAL STAGE SHOCK (vibration) sensor that will trigger the alarm if vibration is sensed (from someone trying to break into your vehicle, trying to steal your wheels/tires, or trying to tow the vehicle), and integrates with the vehicles electronic systems to add a layer of difficulty that makes it very difficult to start the vehicle while the alarm is active….which is why the company provides the cost replacement guarantee. Joaquin Gonzalez Internet Sales TEMECULA VALLEY TOYOTA 909/938-2837 (Direct) 951/694-4216 (fax)

Publish Date: 04-03-22

Toyota Carlsbad

Description: All Highlanders have a $4k markup

Publish Date: 04-02-22