Classic Ford of Smithfield

Description: I placed a reservation for a Maverick as soon as they announced the new vehicle. After waiting 6 months they invited me to look at one in person to potentially buy the display instead of waiting to order/deliver. Had to wait around to see it as it was " not processed" yet. Waited so long I literally left to get some food, and returned. After I explained it wasn't the right configuration, and I wanted my reserved configuration they wanted to place the order. Talked options, etc. and when I questioned the price seemed too high, they told me it was due to a "vehicle shortage fee" of $5000. There's no shortage to ME...I order, they build it. I cancelled my reservation and told him I don't do business like that. I totally felt it was a bait-and-switch. NO mention of any pricing issues at ANY time before I wasted my time and gas going down there. Immediately left my story on their facebook are removed and disabled now...big surprise.

Publish Date: 04-10-22