Toyota of Corvallis

Description: $10,000 ADM for Hyrbid $4,000 ADM for non-hybrid

Publish Date: 07-10-22

Royal Moore Toyota

Description: $3,490 minimum on every Tundra plus more markup depending on model.

Publish Date: 06-30-22

Kendall Toyota of Eugene

Description: 5/5/2022: $2,000 above MSRP on gas Tundras. $3,000 above MSRP on Hybrid Tundras. Even more for TRD Pro.

Publish Date: 05-06-22

Wilsonville Toyota

Description: Confirmed 1/4/2022 that 2022 4x4 Tundra's are $250 below MSRP.

Publish Date: 12-11-22

Beaverton Toyota

Description: **Now $1,495 ABOVE MSRP.** *$177 below MSRP for 2022 4x4 Tundras. *$2,500 +/- below MSRP for 2022 4x2 Tundras. I was told 4x2's were roughly $1,100 above INVOICE, but their one 4x2 on the lot is under $800 over invoice (roughly $2,500 below MSRP).

Publish Date: 12-11-22