Brian Bemis Toyota of DeKalb

Description: Used the Build Your Toyota from Toyota's website. On a previous visit pricing was discussed as well as the accessories we would like for our new 2022 Toyota Camry LE Hybrid. Confirmed pricing with the salesman as well as trade-in vehicle and down payment. Finance manager comes over to discuss interest rate and collect $500 deposit. I inquired as the interest rate only to be told it is competitive. Asked again and was told it was competitive to which I remarked that I may be going to my bank or pay cash. He handed a slip of paper to us which showed approximate payments as well as the price of the car. Only my wife caught that the price was high. She asked and was told it is a $2500 market adjustment at the dealership. 10 seconds later and we were out the door.

Publish Date: 06-01-22