Heritage Honda Bel Air

Description: Heritage Honda tried to rob me blind!  First off, I had a written offer from Edmunds/Carmax for $17,500 to outright buy my 2016 Honda Accord Sport, 92000 miles.  Even though I presented them with the paperwork, they still came to the table with a trade-in offer that was $2,800 less.  Then they came with the "net price" of the vehicle, $6,610 over MSRP!  They wouldn't acknowledge the build and price from Honda's build and price website, claimed the "Standard equipment listed was not standard and they charged for..." I owed $8,344 on the vehicle at the time, so with Carmax's offer, I would have $9,166 to put down on a $28,000 car. Would you believe that AFTER my trade-in, I would owe $30,430?  Mind you, that's on a $28,000 car!  I wouldn't either so I attached the quote. I HOPE NOBODY GIVES HERITAGE ANY BUSINESS! I even filed a complaint with Honda, but who listens.

Publish Date: 07-18-22