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Toyota of Selma

Addon/Markup Notes: Went to look at a Toyota Corolla Cross LE Markup was $4000. 

Publish Date: 04-11-22

Freeway Toyota

Addon/Markup Notes: Called and they said the toyota corolla cross L was $24,000 msrp with a markup of $995. Then they said that and dealer installed accessories are discussed in store. I kept pressing and called another salesman who said that it was $1995 for a dealer added security system, and another $1995 for something else. So total markup of $5000 roughly. 

Publish Date: 04-05-22

Freeway Toyota of Gilroy

Addon/Markup Notes: Wanted markup of $6000 in dealer add on. MSRP was $32,000. So $38,000 total before taxes. Salesman evaded telling me about the add ons via email until I called.  Stay vigilant car buyers!

Publish Date: 04-05-22

Toyota of Selma

Addon/Markup Notes: Dealer straight up lied about physical inventory. Said 2022 Rav4 hybrid LE was there. Offered to sell car for only $500 less than msrp + 7995+ otd. 

Publish Date: 04-02-22