Robert Brogden's Olathe Buick GMC

Description: Brogden last second price gouged my factory ordered evh2 first edition hummer. My mrsp was 113k. They demanded 250k for it ASAP or refuse my factory order. That was a 137k increase above gmc MSRP and at the last second. They knowingly ommitted my bill of sale for the past year that I requested from them many times. Even though we had a verbal agreement on price which was a little over mrsp, Brogden broke our agreement.  If I had known Brogden would extort, lie, and force me out of my order I would NEVER HAVE KEPT THEM AS MY PREFERRED DEALERSHIP for the delivery.  Brogden had ZERO intention of ever selling me my vehicle to me at our discussed price and had every intention of intercepting/stealing my factory order for themselves. They literally robbed me and cost me money. Gm and Brogden ommitted telling it's customer that I had I choice in delivery location. This was apparently possible before the produced status of my evh2.  I had already paid electrician and modified my garage wall for the charging station over six months ago, sold several other vehicles, my trailer, my boat, my razors, a property, and moved funds out of interest account to make ready for my evh2. I waited over a year for my order too!  I reported Brogden to GMC, attorney general, and Missouri revenue division etc. 

Publish Date: 07-18-22