Barnett Kia

Description: Wheel locks, $60 - Floor mats, $155, Cargo Cover, $150 - Barnett KIA also required me to purchase a dealer installed paint protection package for $1498.00 - they called it the "Minnesota Package". Barnett said NO cars are sold by them without paint protection it's a requirement of purchase. Dealership also required $2000 non refundable down payment. (I should have walked away at that moment) On Inspection of Sportage car was dirty, scratches on body pillars, and clearly been driven in rain. The $1495 I was required to pay in "Paint Protection" was not either applied or washed off in rain. (I say this due to the fact those applications need 24 hrs dry time to cure) Complete waste of $$$, had I not been in need of a vehicle, I would have walked away from dealership. Dealership required $2000 down payment non-refundable, I didn't want to lose $2000 more and I had waited 9 weeks for vehicle. My salesman Ken was rude and unable to answer simple, basic functions of vehicle. He took the excitement of getting a new car away, and was clearly agitated by my questions. I would not recommend dealership and I would DEFINITELY not recommend Ken.

Publish Date: 05-12-22