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Harris Ford Lincoln

Addon/Markup Notes: 15k markup Sell price: $81,730 MSRP from window sticker in the ad: $66,735.00

Publish Date: 03-24-22

Preston Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: 35k markup

Publish Date: 03-23-22

Priority Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: $15362 markup per their site

Publish Date: 03-23-22

Jerry's Toyota

Addon/Markup Notes: We were allocated our first 2022 Toyota Tundra PRO.  It is 1 of 3 in the country excluding private distributor dealers  It has build date of 04/09/2022. It’s is lunar rock with red interior.  This will be sold over sticker.  I know there are dealer haters out there.  Please let the serious buyers make a decision if they want to own this.    MSRP is $70018.00.

Publish Date: 03-19-22

Ancira Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Addon/Markup Notes: one on the ground going for MSRP. Customer is one the fence and might back out on this deal. Vin#: 1C6SRFU99NN151463 Location: San Antonio TX Price: $93,950 (MSRP) Cant sell to a Dealer or California Address.

Publish Date: 03-18-22

Criswell Chevrolet of Gaithersburg

Addon/Markup Notes: 5k markup  Brand new, ready to ship nationwide. 2022 high country 2500 -Crew cab -standard bed -Summit white -Black interior -Duramax diesel -snow plow prep -5th wheel prep -z71 -safety package 2 -tech package

Publish Date: 03-15-22

Max Ford of Harrisonville

Addon/Markup Notes: Ordered 6/28 delivered 12/30. There were no markups or outrageous fees.

Publish Date: 03-14-22

Lexington Park Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: asked about ADM and the sales manager’s words were “Yeah, we don’t mark up customer orders and never will.”

Publish Date: 03-14-22

Mullinax Ford of Olympia

Addon/Markup Notes: MSRP on Maverick Orders, $2k Markup on Dealer Stock (and walkaways sold on lot). No Dealer Fees or Mandatory "Packages"

Publish Date: 03-14-22

Chino Hills Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: 10k markup on a 22k maverick

Publish Date: 03-12-22

Coyle Chevrolet Buick GMC

Addon/Markup Notes: 15k markup 2022 Chevrolet C8 HTC 3LT · Convertible · Driven 300 miles Brand Spankin New On the ground, ready to roll without wait!!!  Loooooaded to the max, with soooooo many add ons! Z51 performance package Mag ride Front lift Selling Price: $113,600

Publish Date: 03-11-22

Westfield ford

Addon/Markup Notes: Outer banks 2.3L advanced

Publish Date: 03-08-22

Adams Toyota Kansas City

Addon/Markup Notes: $3000 for “enviroguard” to prevent stains on the interior.  I told them I didn’t want that and they said that it is $3000 extra with or without it

Publish Date: 03-05-22

Benoit Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: $3k markup since I wasn't local but they made up for it by giving a great deal on lifetime powertrain warranty and adding a free hitch and tinting the front windows

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Hemborg Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: 10K of accessories and lift kit stuff and also do a 15K markup

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Steamboat Motors

Addon/Markup Notes: Black diamond, mid, 10 spd roof rack, tow pkg 1500 under msrp

Publish Date: 03-04-22

McFarland Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: Big bend at sticker.

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Team Ford Lincoln

Addon/Markup Notes: msrp as long as you placed a reservation. they do mark them up if one become a available

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Roy O'Brien Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: 4 door ,AMB ,OBX, MIC top, High package. Zero markup!

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Ray Seraphin Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: 4dr soft top 2.3L auto CG BB mid package with signature lights. zero markup.

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Reddick Brown Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: "Off the lot" 4 dr. Badlands mannequin. no markup w/$499 doc fee

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Beaty Chevrolet

Addon/Markup Notes: Fully stock mode, paid msrp and waited a year and few months 106k otd

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Register Chevrolet

Addon/Markup Notes: At MSRP with no dealer fees. Ordered in November 2021.... built on January 12th 2022.

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Barbee's Freeway Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: $10k over mrsp, and a $1k refundable deposit. One is Oxford white and one is atlas blue

Publish Date: 03-04-22

Family Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: Wildtrax Sasquatch, no markup

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Penske Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: no markup 4 dr

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Watermark Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: no markup on a mannequin vehcile

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Sanderson Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: 4dr snagged an abandoned order in transit

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Gorno Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: was someone’s cancelled order no markup

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Landmark Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: No markup 2dr

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Raabe Ford Lincoln

Addon/Markup Notes: ordered waited 16 months, a plan, zero over on msrp.

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Paducah Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: Once we added in all the extras that came with it, averaged out to approx $6000 over msrp.

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Hudson Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: No markup. However, I think they only do that for local buyers. There is a markup for out of state buyers.

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Bert Ogden Toyota

Addon/Markup Notes: TRD Sport  3k plus 1500 protection plan

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Classic Chevrolet

Addon/Markup Notes: 50k mandatory donation https://www.facebook.com/Classic-Chevrolet-Charity-Events-159949161377898/

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Donalson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac

Addon/Markup Notes: Moore Chevrolet GMC in Silsbee, Texas. purchased November 2021 2022 LTZ, They had four on the lot, 2 AT4 gas, 2 LTZ Duramax. Asking $3k over msrp

Publish Date: 03-03-22

DePaula Chevrolet

Addon/Markup Notes: 2022 Silverado CC custom 6.6 gas $49,610 -no mark up

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Primasing Motors

Addon/Markup Notes: 2021 3500 LTZ Duramax, 1500 under MSRP

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Sharpnack Chevrolet Buick

Addon/Markup Notes: 2022 LT midnight edition, Got gm discount off MSRP before trade it was like $51k

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Legacy Chevrolet Buick GMC

Addon/Markup Notes: 2500 6.6 HC purchased last week at Legacy Chevy in Corbin KY $0 over MSRP and was able to use GM supplier discount that knocked off almost $6k

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Quebedeaux Buick-GMC

Addon/Markup Notes: no mark up on a '22 3500 drw denali, put deposit on it a week ago, got one week until delivery

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Ferguson Buick GMC

Addon/Markup Notes: 2022 3500 SRW HD Denali https://www.facebook.com/FergusonBuickGMCSuperstore/ Never will charge over MSRP They'll deliver to their borderline, we met at the Casino. They have listed 27 2500 HDs in transit or on lot 2 3500 HDs all under MSRP right now.

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet

Addon/Markup Notes: 22 Chevy 2500 $0 over MSRP, truck was in transit, made the deal over the phone, and a week later truck arrived. they added the steps and tinted front windows free

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Apple Ford Apple Valley

Addon/Markup Notes: Ordered Nov 21, received Jan 22 Invoice & $5000 in rebates ($9000 below MSRP)

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Brown's Toyota of Glen Burnie

Addon/Markup Notes: SR5 Double Cab with 6.5ft bed. Must be titling in MD, VA, DC, WVA, DE or PA. Active military stationed in these locations are welcome as well. No Markup

Publish Date: 03-03-22

Jim Trenary Chevrolet

Addon/Markup Notes: $0 markup, and they honored GM Employee pricing

Publish Date: 03-02-22

Wally Edgar Chevrolet

Addon/Markup Notes: 2022 LTZ Z71. No mark up and GM employee discount.

Publish Date: 03-02-22

Capitol Chevrolet

Addon/Markup Notes: 2022 LTZ Off the lot truck, at MSRP also had the supplier discount added

Publish Date: 03-02-22

Carolina Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: $8K under retail, on lot, and lifetime power train warranty

Publish Date: 03-02-22

Ford Crestview

Addon/Markup Notes: 2021 LeadFoot 801A 37 perf package

Publish Date: 03-01-22

Ferman Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: no markup over msrp, ordered

Publish Date: 03-01-22

Jim Burke Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: Xplan plus incentives $7500 below msrp

Publish Date: 03-01-22

Saybrook Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: Paid MSRP and received $3K in rebates.

Publish Date: 03-01-22

John Adams Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: $500 over invoice and 0% for 72 months finance

Publish Date: 03-01-22

Pundmann Motor Company

Addon/Markup Notes: $4750 in rebates below msrp Free Lifetime Powertrain Platinum Powerboost, ordered

Publish Date: 03-01-22

Luther Family Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: Paid $500 over Invoice Ordered (still waiting) Got $3k Ford Cash + $2k rebates to put towards everything

Publish Date: 03-01-22

Matthews Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: Hard Loaded Lariat $9,000 below MSRP, off the lot

Publish Date: 03-01-22

Tom Wood Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: ordered, 10300 below msrp

Publish Date: 03-01-22

Fox Grand Traverse Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: Call Tyler 231-218-2651 this is for sale AT MSRP!! She’s an F-350 Lariat Ultimate 7.3 Gas

Publish Date: 03-01-22

Chapman Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: 3% below invoice and rebates, Ordered

Publish Date: 02-28-22

Gorno Ford

Addon/Markup Notes: xplan plus more rebates off, ordered, took 2 months

Publish Date: 02-28-22