Gettel Kia of Bradenton

Description: Advertising markups for the dealer at 5,000.00 or more on the Kia new vehicles on the lot.  Same mark-up’s are not mentioned on their website. When questioned it’s basically an “oops” we forgot to mention. Advertisements on Facebook are not consistent with finance managers actions.  Dealer is firm on “market adjustment.” It’s a shame to watch the dealer run off loyal customers. Super greedy and I hope they fix their ways soon! Great representative, but finance manager s leave much to be desired. We had a LARGE down payment with us, we left because multiple things were said by our initial person we spoke with and the finance manager’s lack of care.  We would love to send business to our representive as they were kind, courteous and professional and a wonderful person to work with… however due to greedy “market adjustments” and a lack luster finance team and evident understaffing we won’t be able to.  The vehicle listed for their internet price was 38k, at the lot with greedy dealer mark ups and cheap add ons to inflate the vehicle it was around 10k more than the promised price online and on social media. Terrible sales tactic at best. 

Publish Date: 11-19-22