Joe Cooper Ford of Shawnee

Description: I ordered a 2022 Ford Maverick XL in late October 2021. The base price was $19,500. After I added my accessories, the total came to $26,880. I received notification that my truck was to be built in February 2022. The Maverick was delivered to Joe Cooper Ford of Shawnee, Oklahoma. It arrived mid March 2022. Joe Cooper prior to ordering, we agreed to a price of $27,000 total in October 2021. When the dealership contacted me and said my Maverick was ready to be purchased, Joe Cooper raised the price to $35,000 without warning. The manager argued with me, and with 5 people on speaker phone explaining the price, the manager called me an idiot. I ordered the truck prior to the price increase of the chip shortages. According to the Ford CEO, he was cracking down on Ford Dealerships marking the price up for no reason. The manager told me that the Ford CEO and the name of Joe Cooper, has nothing to do with each other, and the CEO can shove it. My Mom and I, couldn't believe what the manager told us. We contacted Ford Motor Company and got an open investigation about the dealership and my truck. So far nobody has contacted us about it. We opened the case around March 20th 2022, and we haven't heard anything back from the investigation. We drove from Shawnee to Perry, Oklahoma. Seth Wadley Ford of Perry, was really good to me, and they will be contacting me soon, to order a 2023 Ford Maverick XL. I was put on a VIP list at Seth Wadley that way I can get my Maverick. I never liked Joe Cooper because they've been a rip off dealer in Oklahoma for a long time! The reason I selected the dealership, because it was closer to my home in Newalla. My parents wouldn't have to drive far to get a truck and follow me home. I drive the distance for good customer service. All the local dealerships in the Oklahoma City metro, they play games and scam people all the time. Then the good dealerships such as Seth Wadley, you have to drive a ways if you want true good customer service. Perry is 81 miles from Newalla. I would like to see Joe Cooper Ford shutdown, or replaced with a better dealership name and company. I think Ford should investigate all local dealerships in the Oklahoma City metro? Here is the bad dealerships in the metro of Oklahoma City: David Stanley Chevrolet/Chrysler Jeep Dodge Reynolds Ford Metro Ford Big Red Kia/Sports and Imports Greg Darnell Ford (Formerly known as David Stanley Ford) Bob Moore Ford Here is a list of good Ford dealerships in Oklahoma: Seth Wadley Ford Pauls Valley & Perry Seminole Ford Mainer Ford Okarche & Bristow Zeck Ford Purcell (Formerly known as Patriot Ford) Diffie Ford El Reno I know I mentioned non Ford dealerships on my bad list of metro dealers, but David Stanley is the worst. They used to be Jim Glover Dodge in the late 1980s into the 1990s, but David Stanley bought them out. David Stanley has ripped my parents off on a deal in the past. Back in 2001, my Dad found an F-150 at a good price. We drove home to clean his old truck, go back to get that new F-150, and David Stanley raised the price more than $5,000 for nothing. Keep in mind, that was in 2001, that truck my Dad wanted, was new in 2001 not used. The price back then, you could buy a new truck for almost $20,000 or under? Not even close to what 2022 prices cost for a new truck like an F-150. Prices of today, you can buy a house or more at the cost of a new vehicle. It amazes me, how people fall for dealership games. They don't understand the tricks that dealers play just to rip that customer off and not provide true good customer service. I also can't stand dealerships who pressure the customer to buy from them. For those who know what I'm talking about, you understand my points. I wanted to drive my Maverick home that day, but Joe Cooper Ford wouldn't let me drive that truck off the lot until I payed and signed paperwork at $35,000, when we agreed in October 2021, a price of $27,000 before the chip shortage crisis in the auto industry. The manager of Joe Cooper, ended up saying: I would never find a new Maverick at a price under $35,000 brand new. I found many 2022 AWD Maverick XL 100a package, under $35,000 in Oklahoma/Texas. I will never buy anything else from Joe Cooper Ford, or anything with Joe Cooper's name on it.

Publish Date: 04-25-22