Koeppel Hyundai

Description: Ioniq 5s are marked up by $5000 Kona EVs are marked up by $2500 https://www.koeppelautogroup.com/VehicleDetails/new-2022-Hyundai-IONIQ_5-Limited_AWD-Long_Island_City-NY/5386351030

Publish Date: 08-30-22

Koeppel Mazda

Description: All of this dealer's Mazda3s are marked up $1500 across the board

Publish Date: 07-15-22

Hawthorne Chevrolet

Description: Dealer website shows a $2100 markup on Bolt EV https://www.hawthornechevrolet.com/new-inventory/index.htm?model=Bolt%20EV

Publish Date: 04-06-22

Queensboro Volkswagen

Description: Salesperson said that I could order a new GTI or GLI from them, but I would need to pay a "market adjustment fee" because of demand. I did not attempt to pursue a transaction

Publish Date: 03-22-22