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Kia at Fredy

Addon/Markup Notes: Fredy Kia has no mention of this on their website, but if you go to their location, the salespersons will tell you that they are marking up EV6s in all trims $10-15K. KIA and Hyundai dealers in TX so far are proving notorious for having markups, especially high on EVs and Tellurides.

Publish Date: 04-15-22

Volkswagen of Clear Lake

Addon/Markup Notes: Good pricing here. Keep in mind that at this time this is a hot car in a tight market supply wise, so there is a large waiting list to put in factory orders for this car in all of the US.

Publish Date: 04-15-22

Gay Family Kia

Addon/Markup Notes: Prices on website make no mention of their high "market rate adjustment" markups on all vehicles. They will only mention the $10K EV6 markup it if you go into their location or call and ask specifically about their bottom line price. Markup on Niro Electric is $4000.

Publish Date: 04-15-22