Gwinnett Place Honda

Description: Forced add-ons are up charged past what MSRP is for the items themselves. Forced LoJack and Tint, Door edge guards, and HPD package.

Publish Date: 10-21-22

Shottenkirk Honda Decatur

Description: Dealer hides mark-up as MSRP, showing the "selling-price" as $37k on an OTD quote sheet, not only that but they also have forced addons that add up to $4500

Publish Date: 10-21-22

Hall Honda Huntersville

Description: Dealer hides markup within "add-ons" but only offers a protection package and some forced useless items. Wouldn't budge on pricing to match other dealerships.

Publish Date: 10-20-22

Apple Tree Honda

Description: Salesman didn't tell me about $2500 markup until deposit was already placed. Markup was said to be waived if I financed through them. Forced addons for ~$2000 when compared to the actual price (like $500) of addons.

Publish Date: 10-20-22

Scott Clark Honda

Description: Posted MSRP online, but when called to check for more details, was told about there being a $9995 addendum. Dealer also bragged about being able to easily sell it for that much more.

Publish Date: 10-07-22