Honda Leander

Description: They charged about over 4,000 in total markup/aftermarket fees over MSRP (not including ttl). I think they attempted to hide markup in MSRP price. Website claims MSRP price is 28,990 but then on the form the MSRP was 31,910 without the explanation of the price raise. Later explained that they added markup after asking about the price change. I think this is only for Civic Si model though. As far as I know others have been only charged the non negotiable add on of 1,400 on top of MSRP, no other extra fees.

Publish Date: 10-11-22

Gillman Honda Fort Bend

Description: 17,000 over MSRP They asked for $46,678 on a Civic Si. The MSRP was 28,990

Publish Date: 10-10-22