Cloninger Ford of Hickory

Description: $17,000 After watching my local Ford dealership for a year for a Maverick compact pickup to make an appearance, they finally had not one, but two on the lot.  One was the 2.0l with no markup, the other the highly coveted 2.5l hybrid model which is rated 42 mpg city, with an absurd markup over MSRP. The sticker for the hybrid was $27,065 with all options , plus $1,495 delivery fee, for a MSRP total of $28,560. The area of the Ford sticker on the right side was covered with white paper, and on this was printed "Black book retail $44,575".  A few inches lower was the asking price, which was approximately $1,000 more than the $44,575, but I didn't snap a pic of the asking so I can't quote it precisely.  It was dark & raining at the time which made photos difficult - plus I was getting wet. Basically Cloninger was asking $45.6k for a $28.6K truck, a markup of $17,000, or 60% over MSRP!!!  I've heard markup stories but I couldn't believe someone was asking 60% over MSRP for an economy compact pickup.  Based on the Maverick's estimated $950 annual fuel cost, that $17,000 markup would fuel it for ~18 years.  I'm disappointed Cloninger would ask this ridiculous price.  They treated me fair in the past on 2-3 parts purchases.  It's too bad the Parts Guys don't sell the vehicles too.

Publish Date: 07-18-22