Norm Reeves Toyota San Diego

Description: (PROTECTION PKG PREMIUM) 3m Paint Protection Film - Self Healing & Ceramic Coated Door Edge Guards & Door Cups & Front Hood Protection. Wheel Locks - Dependable Protection Against Wheel And Tire Theft—Along With Peace-Of-Mind In Knowing Wheels And Tires Are Secure. Ethos Anti Theft Body Panel Labels- Labels With Phosphorus Backing Are Placed Onto The Vehicle's Body Panels, Door Jams, Under The Hood, And Under The Trunk Deck. Black Out Package.

Publish Date: 09-25-22

Mossy Toyota

Description: During negotiations, the salesperson was being “transparent ” by showing us this list of markups so we asked for a breakdown of said markups.  They said the markups are for overhead because they have no cars to sell, which is fine but then shouldn’t the markups be equal across the board no matter the vehicle? Its probably hard to show an itemized breakdown of markups but it’ll make it look less like they just “made it up”. If only they had a finance department that does cost accounting. After 30 more mins of negotiating they were able to take $1000 off and we left. Prius Prime 6995 markup

Publish Date: 04-11-22