Toyota of Lincolnwood

Description: Car: 2022 Toyota Rav4 XLE Hybrid AWD MSRP: ~$34,000 Marked up price: $46,000 The dealer charged nearly $46,000 BEFORE TAXES for a 2022 Toyota Rav4 XLE Hybrid that was on the lot. Dealer markup on a 2022 Toyota Rav4 XLE Hybrid was 35% more than Toyota's MSRP, online and on the window spec sheet, which we didn't get to keep. MSRP prices on their site are slashed through and they say to call for price. Brought my own financing and they were insistent they could beat my lender's interest rate. They wouldn't say or point out the interest rate but they threw numbers in my face and hoped I wouldn't be able to do the math and notice that over the life of the loan, I would be paying more with them than with my lender. Additionally, they attempted to tack on an additional $2,750 for a paint coating from a brand called xzilon that supposedly protects your car's paint from damage. Just googling that brand led to less than stellar reviews of claims being rejected or ignored on the BBB site. I refused to pay for that. They also tried to justify their high markup, stating I overpaid but that was the current market and I'd overpay at any dealer I went to and that was how they did their business. Unfortunately the car was not for me but for SO who had already picked it out. Just because I signed doesn't mean you have to. Do not do your business here, somewhere that makes it their goal to markup the price on their customer as much as they can get away with. I paid 4Runner money for a Rav4. Didn't even get the first complimentary gas tank.

Publish Date: 05-16-22