Gerald Toyota of Matteson

Description: Called in to asked about the 4Runner and wanted more information about this vehicle. Who ever this new car sales person was, they wanted my number to call on a personal phone. I went along with it and asked pricing, which they ignored and continued to push for a $500 dollar deposit over the phone on a car I have not yet seen, then proceeded to be more pushy until I said our conversation stops until your upfront with the cost of the vehicle. They told me $15k over MSRP, I politely said no and this sales person says I got plenty of people looking at this car. I just hung up and an hour later this guy has the balls to call back, I ignored. Sure, I get it, it’s just business. But do it in a way where you don’t sound like your about to scam me, not all customers are dumb as rocks.

Publish Date: 07-12-22