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Please use a real email address under your control when posting new markup submissions. We may need to contact you for submission verification or greater details.

It's ok to post multiple listings for a given dealership or specific encountered vehicle markup. Please make sure to only post one ad per vehicle you are referring to. do not add mutliple vehicle markup details in the description field of your posting. If you've encountered or witnessed a specific markup, POST IT! Do not worry about searching this site for a dealer or markup to determine if you should post your own. Please make sure to fill in all of the dealership data like their phone number, address and website. Also please do your best to backup your markup claim with screenshots, evidence of the markup, texts, etc proving the validity.

Posting instructions:

1. Click "Post New Markup Listing" or the little pencil button

2. Input the Dealer Name (try to use the actual dealer name that is listed when you google search them)

3. Category for all vehicles would be "Autos", followed by the Manufacturer name (which appears after selecting "Autos")

4. Select the state where the Dealer is located. We've now added Canadian provinces.

5. Put in as many notes or descriptions you can concerning the markup data. Was there any mandatory addons? Did it seem overly tough to get the markup and addon details from the salesman? Try to remain neutral / impartial with any opinion details. 

6. Drag, Drop or upload any pictures that prove you encountered this markup. Window stickers with written up order sheets, screen grabs, text conversations or email correspondence, pictures of the markup on the windows, etc. 

  • Please make sure to blot out or cover up any personal names or people identifying data. Markups will not tolerate Doxing of salesman or people you've interacted with.

7. Input the Markup, ADM (adjusted dealer markup), Mandatory addons, amount all totaled up here.

8. If you are a new user of Markups without a user account you will enter your name here.

9. If you are a new user of Markups without a user account you will enter your email address here. Please use a real email address under your control. 

10. Input the Dealer information here. This includes the Dealers website, Phone number and Address.

11. You must agree to our Terms of Service followed by completing the captcha to keep the spam bots away, then select the "post" button.