Fiesta Kia Indio

Fiesta Kia Indio
EJ Kilbo on 12-04-22
Fiesta Kia Indio

2023 Kia Nero.  $5000 Market Adjustment plus $2995 in dealer add ons including theft system, paint protection, and others.  Total markup $7995 over advertised price (which isn't listed it says to call for price?

Fiesta Kia on I10 in Indio, CA.  New dealership.

78550 Varner Rd, Indio, CA 92203

Year 2023
Purchase Type Off The Lot
Observed/Witnessed/Viewed Date 11-26-22
Was Dealer Transparent about Price? Not Transparent originally but immediately made me aware of it on the first interaction
Kia Niro

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