Gerald Hyundai

JL on 09-18-22
Gerald Hyundai

$1298 for add-on "protection package" that includes items already on the window sticker, which are included in the MSRP.

$1,999.00 market adjustment.

Dealership is also charging a "Government Fee" of $341 - there is no such fee in Illinois.

Lastly, dealer initially tried to bait-and-switch me with an offer for a used vehicle (2021), even though I came in with offers *THEY SENT ME* via the Sam's Club Auto Buying program that included the VIN for each, all of which were 2023 models.

The Sam's Club Auto Buying program is not compulsory.  This dealership has opted-in as a participant.  Under the program conditions, dealerships agree to "strict" pricing rules.  When a buyer uses the program to find a vehicle, dealerships are given the buyers info and make offers to those buyers.  When the offers are made, they contain the actual price that buyers are supposed to pay.  Apparently, Gerald Hyundai uses the program to bait customers into coming in for vehicles they neither have on the lot not intend to sell for the agreed upon pricing.

209 Hansen Blvd, North Aurora, IL 60542

Year 2023
Purchase Type Ordered/Allocation Reservation
Observed/Witnessed/Viewed Date 09-12-22
Was Dealer Transparent about Price? They hid actual price originally but after i drove to the dealership they made me aware of it
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