Boundary Hyundai

Boundary Hyundai
British Columbia, Canada
BoundaryHyundaiSucks on 11-16-23
Boundary Hyundai

Upon getting a cancellation on Ioniq5 vehicles, instead of going down the very long wait list of customers waiting for their own vehicle, they will release the cancelled vehicle as stock on the lot and sell it as first come, first serve, with a mandatory markup (care package that include wheel nuts and mats) for $8,000.

2395 Boundary Rd, Vancouver, BC V5M 4W5, Canada

Year 2024
Purchase Type Off The Lot
Observed/Witnessed/Viewed Date 10-28-23
Was Dealer Transparent about Price? They hid actual price originally but after i drove to the dealership they made me aware of it
Hyundai Ioniq 5

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