Honda of Tomball

Tx Mama on 09-18-22
Honda of Tomball

$3500 mark up on all CR Vs.  Also noticed mark ups on ALL other models on the lot too!!!

ALSO - beyond the mark up- requires ridiculous MANDATORY ADD ONs that were totally overpriced & unnecessary…

Tint - $499

PermaPlate 3 yr ext/int protection warranty- $899

Ceramic Exterior Finish- THIS IS NOT A TRUE CERAMIC COATING, even though they claim it is! You can’t do a real ceramic coating in 1 hr… What they are fraudulently pushing is nothing more than a glorified wax job for $899

Then - they tried to bump the quote again saying it wasn’t for the AWD.  I called in & gave them THEIR STOCK NUMBER for the car I was interested in - which was AWD!!!  I spoke with/texted both the sales person & the Sales Manager & told them color was less important- but AWD was non negotiable.  Had to be AWD.  They knew that - yet supposedly priced a fwd on the quote. Misunderstandings happen - I get it - but given the extensive conversations- I just have to wonder… 

ONE GOOD THING THOUGH - the Sales Mgr actually mentioned this website- which I had already heard to about but had forgotten…. Obviously he reads it/uses it to compare to his competition!

What concerns me the most - is that the Sales Mgr clearly had NO QUALMS using “market adjustments” or Mark Ups.  He wasn’t shy but rather matter of fact about it.

Clearly - it’s all about making the most money possible, not their clientele or loyal customers.  It’s the USA - you can do that if you so chose to run your business that way.  I feel that it is taking advantage of people- especially after this damn pandemic- taking advantage of less informed people is just wrong.  But I guess if they find people to pay it - it’s the law of supply & demand - you can’t really fault them for that. 

At least they were up front about the mark up - but I still wonder on the AWD mix up. Sales young ladies seemed nice… maybe just honest mistake… but you never know w dealerships - what games or stunts they will pull! 

So picture is for 2022 CRV EXL- fwd quote
Second pic is AWD quote.

22727 Tomball Pkwy. Tomball, TX 77375

Year 2022
Purchase Type Off The Lot
Observed/Witnessed/Viewed Date 09-12-22
Was Dealer Transparent about Price? Not Transparent originally but immediately made me aware of it on the first interaction
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