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Why charge a membership fee?

We are not affiliated with any dealerships, as most car sites are. So we don’t make money off of the cars you purchase from the dealerships you find on our site. We are also not a lead-gen magnet for dealerships, so we don’t provide your information to them.

We have been working hard to create dynamic dashboards, filters, search segments, and awesome content for our community members and contributors. These additional features are only included in our Freemium and Essential Memberships.

The Essential Membership Fee helps Markups to keep the site online, the data clean, and allows us to invest in developing the best member experience for our community.

Non-Members still have access to the site and Markups data for FREE.

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Non Member

FREE / month
  • Post New Markup Listings
  • Basic Dealer Name or Keyword Search Bar
  • Basic View of Markups Listings
  • Report/Dispute Markups Listings

Freemium Member

FREE / month
  • Same as Non Member
  • Sort by Listing Post Date
  • Sort Dealer Alphabetically
  • Favorite Listings Tool
  • Sort by Page Views

Essential Monthly Member

$9.99 / 30 days
  • Same as Freemium Member billed every 30 days
  • Advanced Search Bar: Manufacturer, Model, Year, State, Markup Amount, Purchase Type, Price Transparency
  • Dynamic Map
  • Proximity Search
  • Sort by Distance-Nearest
  • Sort Alphabetically by State
  • Sort Alphabetically by Manufacturer
  • Sort Alphabetically by Model Name
  • Sort by Observed Date
  • Community Newsletter
  • Partner Discounts