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Tips For Older Adults Buying A New Car In Today’s Market

Buying a new vehicle today takes resourcefulness, patience and flexibility. Healthy doses of luck and digital savvy go a long way, too. If you haven't shopped for a vehicle recently, there are some things you should know to prepare for the topsy-turvy road ahead.

Dealers of a different brand pressured her to purchase a used vehicle for more than the price of a new one. She spent hours searching the online inventories of dealerships throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

"There are dealers that are not marking up their vehicles and will just charge you MSRP," Montoya says. "I would like to shop at those even if it means driving an hour or two." The crowdsourced website can help you see which dealers are tacking on extra costs.
By Mindy Charski 06/30/2022

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Markups.Org Home Page Feature Image Is Exposing How Greedy Car Dealerships Really Are – Here’s How (and Why)

Who Are the Masked Vigilantes Behind

After launching in January, the site’s dealer markup listing has gone viral, with the worst markup offenders on getting written up on Car and Driver and Jalopnik this summer. For now, Markups, a bootstraps effort, co-founded by siblings Tiffany Soucie-Howren and Trey Soucie are looking to disrupt an entire industry through crowdsourcing — the foundation for and its competitive advantage.

By Matthew Denis 08/02/22

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Yes, You Can Buy a New EV Without Getting Totally Ripped Off—What to Know

Research, research, research, and wait a while if you can

A friend recently reached out about buying a new car. My immediate response was, "this is the absolute worst time to purchase a vehicle." I pointed out all the usual issues about the supply chain and how, if we're lucky, it'll be a year before everything gets back to normal. Whatever that may be. If that's the issue for you or a friend or family member, here are a few tips on how to navigate the EV seller's market.

By Roberto Baldwin 09/02/22

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Buying a Car? Avoid Being Taken for a Ride

Buyers should take steps to protect themselves when purchasing a new car.

We all expect to pay more at the grocery store, in malls, and while shopping online these days. While a dollar increase for a bag of chips can certainly leave a bad taste in your mouth, the clearly marked shelf tag makes that purchasing decision yours.

By Andrew Luca 08/27/22

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Now There's a Crowdsourced Website That Tracks Car-Dealer Markups

You won't believe how much some auto dealers are tacking onto sticker prices these days.

Factory shutdowns and chip shortages have led to another unpleasant situation, that of dealers marking up prices on new vehicles. It's not surprising, then, that there is now a crowdsourced website for that.

By Jack Fitzgerald 07/11/22

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These Are the Worst Dealership Markups on

All dealer markups are bad. These are exceptionally bad.

Thankfully, someone is out here looking out for everyone as the site was created to track markups and expose the dealerships they’re at so you can avoid them. While the site is crowdsourced and updated often, these are the worst markups I found while scouring the site (from least to most).

By Lawrence Hodge 07/07/22

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Dealership markups are getting crazy, so this site is tracking them

An extra $200,000 on a new Hummer or $20,000 on an EV6—these are terrible deals.

One estimate of the value of the markups came to $3.6 billion.

By Jonathon Gitlin 04/07/22

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Someone Created A Crowdsourced Website To Track Dealer Markups

Someone is out here doing god’s work by making markups available in one place.

Not knowing who is marking up what, or being told one price over the phone or email and then being hit with a markup when you get to the dealer, can be frustrating. Luckily, someone out there has all of our backs. That person created a website that tracks markups all over the country and lists them in one place.

By Lawrence Hodge 03/22/22

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Car buyers using new website to turn tables on dealership markups

New website helping car buyers turn the tables on markups

Market research shows new car dealers continue to markup prices an average of 10% over the manufacturer's suggested retail price, despite warnings from some automakers to curb it.

By Heather sullivan 05/11/22

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The Worst Dealership Markups on Include a $339,999 GMC Hummer EV

The worst dealership markup was for a GMC Hummer EV

Dealership markups on new cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles have been pretty common recently. However, some of these are just ridiculous. One GMC Hummer EV was listed for $339,999, which is basically triple the MSRP. If you are car shopping anytime soon, let’s look at some of the dealerships participating in these shady practices.

By Amanda Cline 07/09/22

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Why You Should And Shouldn't Buy The Hyundai Ioniq 5

Starting at $39,950, Hyundai's sharp-edged crossover is making significant strides in the EV industry. But should you buy one in 2022?

The Ioniq 5 is a good value, but finding one is tricky. According to, individuals report that most dealerships charge significant market adjustments on allocation slots, ranging from several thousand to north of $10,000. Some dealerships aren't charging over MSRP, though most are. Finding a high-demand car in 2022 is difficult, so this isn't an issue exclusive to the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

By Andrew Lambrecht 08/21/22

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The site highlights not only Ford dealer markups but dealers and retailers selling all other automotive makes as well.

Over the past couple of years, the chip shortage and various other automotive-related supply constraints have led to massive production cuts across the industry and as a result, precious little new vehicle inventory on dealer lots. A number of dealers have taken advantage of this fact by marking up the new vehicles that they do have on lots, which has drawn the ire of a number of automakers – Ford included – as well as shoppers. Now, however, Ford dealer markups are getting called out via a new website dedicated to helping consumers avoid them dubbed

By Brett Foote 04/01/22

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Car Price Vigilantes: Crowdsourced Effort Pushes Back at Dealer Markups

Automakers Feuding With Dealers Over Markups

Prices for new cars rocketed to record highs all last year as the auto industry coped with a shortage of microchips. Some dealers, able to count on fewer sales but higher prices, tested the traditional rules of car shopping with record-high markups. The practice grew common enough to trigger some pushback from car companies themselves. -But there’s another party with some ability to push back at markups – buyers. That effort has apparently begun. is a crowdsourced website out to shame dealerships that ask for absurd markups for cars.

By Shawn Tucker 03/31/22

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New Car Markup Tracker Crowdsources Huge List of Greedy Dealers Nationwide says it’s shining a light on shady dealers.

Dealer markups have become a lightning rod for controversy this year, as some automakers playing whack-a-mole with dealerships looking for a money grab. Some locations aren’t slowing down on making all they can while they have the opportunity, and prices are jacked up for popular and hard-to-get vehicles. As you might imagine, that has led to frustration across the board, and the founders of a new site called have harnessed that collective energy to crowdsource and track prices at dealerships across the country.

By Kristin V. Shaw 04/01/22

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Zerin Dube Markups.Org Thumbnail

Dealer Markups Are Easier To Spot Thanks To A New Crowdsourced Website

As the new and used car market continues to boom, some buyers are finding it incredibly hard to get the car they want.

Now, one new crowdsourced website is actively helping buyers avoid another frustration, wild dealer markups. allows buyers to search its crowdsourced database that covers the entire nation. They can even sort by state, vehicle, or markup amount and it’s that last attribute that dropped our jaw.

By Stephen Rivers 03/23/2022

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2023 Cadillac Lyriq Dealer Markups Have Started


While the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Debut Edition has a rather reasonable manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $59,990, this price is just that: suggested. GM can’t force its dealers to sell its products for a certain price, so it should be no surprise that some of them are trying to charge much more than MSRP for the highly sought-after Lyriq.

By Sam McEachern 05/25/2022

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Here's A Great Website To Track Dealer Markups

The community-based site makes avoiding markups a bit easier.

A website by the name of has been created in an attempt to make navigating the ocean of untrustworthy dealers a bit easier. The much-needed service is a simple database that is compiled thanks to submissions made by private consumers who have come across unfavorable listings. It can also be used to find dealerships that adhere to the manufacturer's recommended retail price.

By Nikesh Kooverjee 03/28/2022

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Website Tracks Dubious Dealership Markups

A website has emerged to expose excessive used car price markups quoted to consumers., a crowdsourced website reported by Jalopnik, tracks dealerships from across the country and lists vehicle markup by year, make, and model. Records on the website show self-recorded customer notes from conversations with sales associates questioning the honesty of the dealers price quotes.

By Ratchet+Wrench Staff Reporters

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New York City Fines Car Dealers for Misleading Practices

Car prices spent much of 2021 and 2022 growing faster than nearly any other expense Americans face. The pushback is now firmly under way.

In a lawsuit, the city argued that Kings Autoshow, Kings Autoshow II, and Grand Auto Group had misled customers with surprise dealer fees and bait-and-switch pricing. The groups settled the suit, agreeing to pay nearly $800,000 in restitution and stop: Advertising “guaranteed financing”, Advertising prices they don’t honor, Adding dealer fees to advertised prices, Using manufacturer suggested retail prices they made up themselves.

Americans have also taken matters into their own hands. This spring, a group of frustrated consumers launched, a crowdsourced website that tracks car dealer efforts to charge significant markups on the prices of new cars.
By Sean Tucker 07/25/2022

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Update: One Year On, Ford Dealers Keep Playing Games

Last year, we were shocked at a $5000 markup on Mustang Mach-E. $5000 seems pretty good these days!

One year on, that $5000 markup seems almost quaint. On a car like the Mustang Mach-E, that represents about 10% of the price of the car. Today? Almost every new Ford carries a hefty dealer markup, and it’s gotten so bad that fed-up consumers have even started a website to track dealership markups called

By Jo Borras 04/11/2022

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stealerships Markups.Org thumbnail

Car Buyers Fight Back With Dealer Markup Tracker

Buying cars in 2022 can be a huge headache. Not only are some cars hard to find at all with dealers selling out of popular models, but there’s also the issue of dealer markup.

So, how can buyers fight back against dealer markup? There are a few different ways. Firstly, customers can do their research ahead of time and know the MSRP of the car they’re interested in. This way, they can be sure that they’re not being taken advantage of when it comes to pricing. Secondly, buyers can shop around at different dealerships to see if they can find a better deal.

By Jennifer Sensiba 08/09/2022

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Team Member Name

In the modern age of purchasing a new car, markups have become common. Previously, they were only tacked onto exclusive vehicles.

The order books for the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ are already full, but some dealerships have Debut Editions on sale. While the all-electric SUV has a reasonable starting MSRP of $59,990, consumers are going to have a hard time finding a model at that price when they go shopping for one at a dealership

by Joel Patel 06/08/2022

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Kia Dealer Settles Lawsuit Over Hidden Fees, Could Pay Customers $1 Million Or More

One Kia dealer in Maryland has settled a lawsuit that involved allegations that it broke state law by charging customers additional fees on top of the advertised price.

While the dealer doesn’t have to admit guilt, this settlement could put dealers engaging in similar practices on notice. And dealers across the country are charging wild markups in addition to the MSRP. It’s such an issue that sites like have been created and Toyota dealers without any actually confirmed allocation of GR Corollas are trying to charge us $10,000 on top of the unannounced price.

By Stephen Rivers 04/22/2022

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Tips for buying a new car in today's market

With supplies low and demand high, dealers have more leverage and you must work harder.

Knowing there's likely another buyer around the corner, dealers may be unwilling to negotiate on these extra costs. However, you may find a better deal if you expand your search radius. "There are dealers that are not marking up their vehicles and will just charge you MSRP," Montoya says. "I would like to shop at those even if it means driving an hour or two." The crowdsourced website can help you see which dealers are tacking on extra costs.

By Mindy Charski, Next Avenue 07/20/2022

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Survey Says Car Buyers Are Willing to Travel an Average of 500 Miles for a Deal

In Alaska, people will venture 722 miles to get a decent price, according to a survey conducted by a Kentucky-based Subaru dealership.

Consumer demand is outpacing supply by quite a bit, and the imbalance has set the entire industry topsy-turvy. For new cars, some buyers are looking at resources online like, which crowdsources dealer markup information around the country. Users can segment the data by price, state, and city to find the best deal in a market that has become unfriendly to good deals.

By Kristin V. Shaw 06/25/2022

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The Average Used Car Price Is Now $33,000

Data shows that used cars are commanding a $10,000 premium above normal pricing levels.

It's anything but a buyer's market and many owners have elected to undergo expensive maintenance as opposed to trading out. For those in need of a car, the bleak market and buying experience can improve with the help of a few online tools. The recently launched site is crowdsourcing dealer markups daily and can help buyers decide which dealership is right.

By Emmet White 07/22/2022

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How to avoid car dealers’ high markups

Don’t pay over sticker price, or trust dealer ads. Plus, here are the brands that have the most and least inventory.

Manufacturers like Ford F, -5.15%, General Motors GM, -3.61%, Subaru, Hyundai HYMTF, -2.21%, and others began cracking down on dealership pricing. Crowdsourced website reveals just how drastic the price increases look, offering specifics on dealerships and providing, in some cases, visuals to go along with the markup information.

By Russ Heaps 04/11/2022

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Deshone Drummon Markups.Org Thumbnail

RECORD-HIGH monthly car costs are motivating drivers to search for deals — but some may be unsure where to look.

Former car salesman Deshone Drummonds' posted a TikTok explaining how you can find auto deals — no matter the market’s condition.

Before you sign that financing agreement or sell off your ride—check to see if the vehicle you’re considering getting is one of’s cars that drivers are overpaying for.

by Cody Carlson 07/25/2022

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Dealers Are Already Jacking Up Prices On The Cadillac Lyriq

We're already seeing markups of $5,000.

Posting on, a customer of a Thousand Oaks dealership named Melanie said that she placed a pre-order for the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq Debut Edition when the order books first opened last year. After making an inquiry to the dealer, she was told by a sales representative of Silver Star Cadillac that they would be adding a $5,000 "market adjustment fee.

By Michael Butler 05/27/2022

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Arizona Has Had Enough Of Shady Car Dealers

Two Nissan dealerships will pay hefty restitution costs and fines for misleading buyers.

ABC Nissan and Pinnacle Nissan were found guilty of advertising cars at a lower price than they were willing to sell them to customers for. According to the Attorney General's report, customers expected a specific retail price. Still, they were told they had to buy extras like protective coating for the paint, window tinting, and nitrogen in the tires.

By Gerhard Horn 04/06/2022

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Yes, It’s Possible to Find Affordable Adventuremobiles Right Now

What to buy and what to avoid if you don’t want to pay the insane markups on new and used cars this summer

The problems are amplified if you’re shopping for an adventuremobile. “Off-road is hot right now,” says Joel Feder, content manager for Internet Brands Automotive Group. Take a look at, a website started last year that tracks premiums tacked onto car prices by dealers, and you’ll see what Feder is talking about.

By Wes Siler 05/17/2022

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Chevrolet Dealer Charging $100,000 Markup for Corvette Z06

They're asking $5,000 just to place the reservation.

The pandemic and supply chain issues have led to vehicle shortages and dealer price gouging on even the most pedestrian models. That said, most markups don't reach this level of greed.

Crowdsourced tracking site's list of Corvette prices shows that Dimmitt's $100,000 add-on is the largest, with three others charging $50,000 over MSRP.
By Chris Teague 05/14/2022

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Why the sticker price in Forsyth County might not be close to what you’ll ultimately pay

(Forsyth County, GA) It’s no secret car dealers are looking to make a profit, oftentimes selling cars for way above the recommended sticker price.

Four of 10 dealerships in Forsyth told NewsBreak that they are charging buyers a surcharge known as a “market adjustment” on top of a vehicle’s market price.

Michelle Hall 08/04/2022

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2023 Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, Ferrari Purosangue Teaser, And Honda’s Electrified Assault: Your Morning Brief

Dealer Markups Are Easier To Spot Thanks To A New Crowdsourced Website

A new crowdsourced website aims to combat the rising costs of the new car market, which has seen dealer markups soar, compounded by the chip shortage, the pandemic, and inflation. allows buyers to search its crowdsourced database that covers the entire nation. You’re able to filter the state, vehicle, or markup amount. While not entirely foolproof, the site could serve as a great way to name and shame those dealerships with exorbitant fees.

By Sam D. Smith 03/24/2022

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Buyer Beware: How to Avoid Dealer Markups in 2022

While finding a new car today can be tricky, striking a good deal is tougher. It’s a seller’s market. In other words, even the fairest dealers don’t have an incentive to dicker, so be prepared to pay sticker.

Crowdsourced website reveals just how drastic the price increases look, offering specifics on dealerships and providing, in some cases, visuals to go along with the markup information. Although a solid number of vehicles don’t show any dealer markups, many others do.

By Russ Heaps 03/31/2022

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