Haldeman Ford of Kutztown

Haldeman Ford of Kutztown
$0/No Markup!
Christine Gabel on 04-27-22
Haldeman Ford of Kutztown

NO MARK-UP ON LIGHTNING, 100% GUARANTEED!  Lightning at MSRP...no markup! I was able to call Ford & request my Wave #6 reservation be switched to a different dealer, who is ordering all at MSRP! I would highly recommend doing this, as soon as you get your "Wave Invitation," if your dealer is going to charge you over MSRP!

15465 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown, Pa 19530

Year 2022
Purchase Type Ordered/Allocation Reservation
Observed/Witnessed/Viewed Date 04-26-22
Was Dealer Transparent about Price? Not Applicable/No Markup
Ford F150 Lightning

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